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Forum Settings:

You can change your forum settings, profile information, registration details, etc. from your Member Control Panel Menu, once you have logged into the Forum. You will be able to control many aspects and access member features from this central menu. If you haven't registered yet, you can do it easily and for free. Please refer to Registration Help.

Forum Times and Dates:

The time used in the Forums is that of the server time and date, if the server is located in another country then the times and dates will be the local times of that country. To change the Times and Dates to your own local settings then simply edit your 'Forum Preferences' through your Member Control Panel Menu, and set by how many hours the time is offset from your own local time. The Forums are not designed to adjust between standard and daylight saving times, so you may need to adjust the time offset in your Forum Preferences during these months.

Posting Message:

To post a message in the Forums click on the relevant button on the forum or topic screens. You need to login first before you can post a message. The facilities available to you in each of the forums are listed at the bottom of the topic screen. Upon posting, don't forget to have a look at BBCode. It might be a help for you in formating your post, e.g., attaching YouTube to your post.
It's supposed that you get a notification email when there is a reply to post that you chose to be notified upon reply to it. However, this feature might not be available all the time because of privacy policy of some email companies.

Delete a Post:

Unless you are a Forum Moderator or an Administrator you can only delete your own posts and only if the forum has been setup with the relevant rights for you to be able to delete your post. If someone has replied to your post then you will no-longer be able to delete it.

Edit a Post:

Unless you are a Forum Moderator or an Administrator you can only edit your own posts and only if the forum administrator has created the relevant rights for you to do so. When you edit your posts depending on the forum setup, it will display the username, time, and date of when the post was edited at the bottom of the post.


Signature is shown at the bottom of your posts in case you chose so. It's automatically your name and social accounts (Google+, Facebook, and Twitter).

Create a Poll:

If you have sufficient rights to create a poll in a forum you will see a 'New Poll' button at the top of the screen on the forum and topic screens. When creating a poll you need to enter a poll question and at least two options for the poll. You may also select whether people can vote multiple times or just once in the poll.

Viewing Forums and Posts:

Some forums are setup to allow only certain users or groups of users to access them. To view, read, post, etc. in a forum you may first need permission which only a forum moderator or a forum administrator can grant you. Posts usually are being processed automatically and in a complicated way before it is displayed to other members or the general public; this might take few time before being displayed or deleted. The Post is still available for the member who submitted the Post to edit or delete during this time. However, this automatic system might not be able to detect all violation to our policies, so please let's know if you found something we haven't noticed. On other hand, Closed Topics are set this way by forum administrators or moderators. Once a Topic is closed you will no-longer be able to post a reply in that topic or vote in a poll.

You may also share a topic to social network (Google+, Facebook, and Twitter) by clicking on the appropriate link at top of topic page. You also can rate a topic or thank the author through thanking system instead of posting a replay with "Thank you" only. Thanking a member will provide him/her with more points. You may also subscribe to a topic (through topic options) so you can review your subscriptions directly at one location.

Rich Text Editor (WYSIWYG):

If you are using Internet Explorer 5+ (windows only), Netscape 7.1, Mozilla 1.3+, Mozilla Firebird 0.6.1+, Chrome you should have a Rich Text (WYSIWYG) Editor to type your messages with. If you find that you are having problems posting using the WYSIWYG editor then you can disable this WYSIWYG Editor by simply editing your profile and selecting to turn off the WYSIWYG Posting Editor. Please note that in any way, you can't use HTML in your posts for security reasons.

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