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Private Messaging
It is forums built in Private Messaging System to send Private Messages to other forum members. The system works very much like email, but within the Forum System. You need to be a registered and logged in user in order to use this system.

If you're not able to send Private Messages to some users this maybe because the person you are trying to send a Private Message to has blocked you from being able to send them Private Messages, the persons 'Inbox' is full, or you have exceeded the number of Private Messages you can send in this hour. If any of these are case you should receive a message informing you of this if you try to send the member a Private Message.

If you do find that you are getting unwanted Private Messages from a user you can block them from sending you Private Messages. To do this go into the Private Messaging system and go to your buddy list. Go to add the user as a buddy, but instead choose the option from the drop down list 'Not to message you', this will prevent this user from sending you anymore Private Messages.

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