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About this site
The comprehensive online community for accountants over the world. It was established first as an academic project in 2003 to continue in the same academic yet professional way as a non profit project. Although it focuses on the Arab Accountants and Accounting in the Arabic Countries, it also tries to serve as much as possible those who are out side this area. It works on helping accountants promoting their career and education and visualizes our points of views as individuals in this profession. This site doesn't belong to any Governmental, Academic or Professional Party. Rather it belongs to all accountants. And with help of all members, this site is going to continue to be one of the most important references for accountants and accountancy over the Arabic World..

Our Vision:

Working on achieving the hopes and expectations of accountants (Academics, Professionals, and Students) in successful, independent, and happy future. All of which is through helping in promoting the accounting as science and profession in the Arabic Accounting Society. 

Our Mission:

Working all together to add real value for the accounting practices and education in the Arab world and being the site number one for the accountants (Academics, Professionals, and Students) over there. All through our free comprehensive services and positive qualified teams work; taking into consideration hopes and expectations of those accountants.

Contact us:

Mohamad Al-Karbi


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