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Login Help
To login you must use the Username and Password that you entered when registering for the Forum. If you have not yet registered then you must first do so in order to login. If you have registered and still are unable to login then first check that you have all cookies enabled on your web browser, you may need to add this web site to your browsers list of trusted web sites. If you are banned from the Forums then this may prevent you form logging in, in which case check with General Admin. Most old members from the old version are still able to use their same login information to login to the site.

If you're a registered active user and you're not able to login any more, please check with us first before re-registering again. We might delete users of no contributions if they weren't of accounting degree holders or any other users if not consistent with specific criteria.

If you have lost your password then don't panic. Although passwords can not be retrieved they can be reset. To reset your password on the login page you will have a link to the lost password page to request that a new password be emailed to you. If this option is not available or you do not have a valid email address in your profile then you need to contact the General Admin and ask him to change your password for you.

If this the first time you login if you're from the old members from the old version, please go to your Member Control Panel to define the required main details....

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