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Registration Help
It's not required that you register at forums to use the site. However, registration at the forums (totally free) will provide you with more features and ability to use the site and its sections to the best. To register, you should be one of the following: First, holder of at least one accounting degree of any type (Bachelor, Diploma, Master's, and/or PH.D.). Second, student in the major of accounting. Third, a representative for an organization or company. Forth, Any other identity of above 13 years old. There are some different features for the each of these categories. Choosing one of these categories can't be changed later. So in case you chose the wrong category, let's know to offer the required help; please don't just re-register without telling us about it.

Dual registration will be deleted. So make sure that you are not registered at this site before registration. In some cases that requires more than one registration, please let's know before any action by your side. Most old version users are still able to use the site (with their same login information) with no need to new registration.

A new registration requires you have a valid email. In case you don't have one, we you may get one for free in few minutes at (HOTMAIL , YAHOO , GMAIL). PLEASE NOTE that your username should be in Latin Characters. Please don't use but Latin letters in choosing your username; otherwise, you account might be deleted.

Your account should be activated to complete the registration. Click on the link in the email you get upon registration to activate your account. Once activated, you can add more information (e.g., picture, social accounts: facebook, twitter, google+, ...) in your Member Control Panel and you'll be able to use the site and its sections to the best. in case you haven't receive this email upon registration, use the re-sending activation email or contact us. Please note that changing your email will require new activation.

Facebook Login: If you want to save time on new registering, you may login by your facebook account. The process will register you automatically on this site. An email will be sent to provide you with optional username and password in case you want to login through classic login form. PLEASE NOTE, if you're already a registered member on this site and this is the first time you login by your facebook account, make sure that the email used in your profile here is the same one used in your facebook account as a primary email. Otherwise, a duplicate account will be created. Because the site has three domains (.com, .net, and .org), you might need to authorize the three domains in case you're using them all.

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